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Golf Lessons w/ Assistant Golf Professional Chris Elrod


Choose from the below 1/2 hour lesson packages for Adults or Juniors.


β€œThe golf swing is like a finger print, it is exclusive to every person, thus making each student different. What I do is observe your golf swing, and then make a list of goals that myself and the student create – a plan of attack so to speak. This process helps me assess what needs to be done in order for those goals to be met. In the golf swing the basics such as stance, posture, alignment, and grip are most important because if you are in the right position to start, your chances to hit the golf ball improve dramatically. After the setup is obtained than we will work on the mechanics of the golf swing and how your body moves the golf club. This process will help us obtain an idea of how we can work together to improve your game and shoot lower scores. I look forward to seeing you on the lesson tee.”

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Chris Golf Lesson Price

$135 Junior (5) Lesson Series, $155 Adult (5) Lesson Series, $30 Junior Golf Lesson, $35 Adult Golf Lesson