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Western Lakes Golf Memberships

Golf Memberships

Bigger than Ever!

The golf membership at Western Lakes for this upcoming season is set to be the biggest ever! The membership events that our golf pro puts together are second to none and have kept people as golf club members for many years. All member events are handicapped, there is prize money to be won and more importantly 16 spots available to the golfers earning the most points throughout the year at the final year end WLGC Cup (Similar to Ryder Cup format) tournament!

golf memberships

All Golf Memberships Include

  • 13 Handicapped Member Tournaments!
  • Member Pricing on Beverages ($0.50-1.25 off)
  • Preferred Tee Times 2 weeks in advance
  • Travel Day to Another Course (cost involved)
  • Discounted Range Tokens
  • Thursday Member Day (11:00-12:30)
  • Pre-Season Membership Happy Hour
  • Member Discounts in Pro Shop (shirts, gloves, clubs, etc. – excludes golf balls)
  • Computerized WSGA Handicap ($40 value)
Join With a Friend –
Earn a Finder’s Fee!

As always, any Member who recruits a NEW Member will receive a finders fee to use as you wish!!! Apply a credit to your member charge account or split it with the new member as an incentive.

  • $200 Credit for a Full Membership
  • $150 Credit for Thurs/Sat Membership
  • $100 Credit for an Associate Membership

End of Year

The top 16 point earners for the year make the team. Then honorary captains select each 8 man squad for a 2-day event, which includes:

  • Entry Fee Towards Prize Money
  • Golf & Cart Fees for both days
  • WLGC Cup Uniform (Hat, Polo, Sweatshirt)
  • Lunch & Open Bar on Sunday
  • Team Pictures
  • Prestige of Making the Team!
2009 WLGC Member Cup